Friday, August 27, 2010

"This is Michigan, not some Cheech and Chong movie,"

Medical pot clinics busted for illegal sales | | The Detroit News

Welcome to my blog, I'll start you off with that link. I think it's great that states are slowly starting to allow the use of medical marijuana but then something like this happens.

"He described the raid, which happened just after 6 p.m. Wednesday: "They had patients on the ground. There were cancer patients on the ground, senior citizens on the ground and staff on the ground," Richmond said. "They raided all of our partners' homes while their kids were home. They were taking their TVs like we were drug dealers."."

I don't have anything against the police most of the time but come on, is this really necessary. Sure there is violence in the distribution of large amounts of illegal marijuana, but do you need to raid a place that is complying with the local laws? Can't you hold a normal investigation rather than going in there with violence?

I don't know when the federal government will decide to legalize the distribution and use of marijuana but when they do I'm pretty sure that there will be a significant effect on our economy. Imagine the tax money that wouldn't be going to jails imprisoning marijuana dealers and users, and the tax that the would make on the pot itself, it'd be the new cigarette.